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Bramble and Birds
Contact: John and Susan Weibel
Address: 1201 Beards ln Bagdad, KY, 40003
Phone: 502-592-1341
About Us
Bramble and Birds is located on a 5 1/2 acre farm in Bagdad Ky. The owners are John and Susan Weibel, married 12 years and both retired. In starting the farm we wanted to raise something humanly and have it be something our family would eat and enjoy. Our main focus is pastured chicken, pastured turkey Eggs and Blackberries. Our chickens and Turkeys are outdoors with a movable shelter for night. They have constant access of grass, bugs, or whatever they want to eat. We
are #KentuckyProud which means we hold a firm belief in delivering a true farm to table experience. All of our products are raised as nature intended which is free of chemicals and all natural food.
Everyone is pastured with night shelters
Non-GMO food
No steroids No Antibiotics No hormones
Kentucky proud
Rooted in Shelby