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Peiffer Produce
Contact: Tim Peiffer
Address: 854 Gregory Woods Rd. Frankfort, KY, 40601
Phone: 502-226-1635
About Us
Acres of woods surround our small valley and the clearing we have cultivated for fifteen years. By a creek, we grow shiitake mushrooms, a specialty suited to the shade of the woods. In the sun, we plant a full garden, including carrots, beets, and green onions. We farm to fit into our place, enriching its soil, feeding ourselves, and creating a homestead that sustains our family and supports our community. Part of our effort has always gone into preserving wild land. In addition to signing easements with the Woods & Waters Land Trust, we work diligently to remove invasives so the wildflowers can spread and the trees continue to increase in beauty.

We feel lucky to grow good food and happy to share it with you.

We have a two-wheel walk-behind BCS tractor, some good hand tools, and our own labor. Our boys play as hard as they work, which we appreciate; they are our profit as much as anything we sell. We don’t use synthetic chemicals or fertilizers because we eat what we grow and we want it to be as healthy as good dirt can make it.

Our farm is called Blackberry Heaven and is located just north of Peaks Mill in northern Franklin County.