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Fancy Hippie Handmade
Contact: Antonia McIntosh
City: Frankfort, KY, 40601
Phone: 502-783-6774
About Us
About 10 years ago I began making my own personal products and have virtually replaced every single one. It’s really fulfilling for me and I have so much peace of mind knowing exactly what I'm putting in and on my body and exposing my family to. When my first sweet precious baby came along, naturally I began learning how to whip up products for him too! At the time I had a vintage shop and while I was adding zinc oxide and arrowroot to my baby registry I decided to switch gears and start selling my products. I find beauty in creating products that are useful and needed that can replace something you would buy at the store anyway; not just because it smells good (although there's nothing wrong with smelling good too).

I am very passionate about the products I make. I only use the best quality ingredients I can find. My products are handcrafted in small batches and made to order. I personally use all the products I make and so does my family. I put a lot of love in my handmade products. The first ingredient is always love! All other ingredients are thoughtfully chosen, fair trade, and certified organic (&local) when available. They are always tested by me and my family first!