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Bluebird Hill Farm
Contact: Cheryl Snow
Address: 1311 Gilberts Creek Road Lawrenceburg, KY, 40342
Phone: 502-517-1705
About Us
Bluebird Hill Farm was established in 2001 and is located south of Lawrenceburg in Anderson County. The farm business is owned and operated by Cheryl Snow with the assistance of a farm laborer, her husband Bob.

We are a state licensed nursery specializing in Native Plants and Wildflowers, with an emphasis on plants that benefit our native pollinators; particularly monarch butterflies. We offer a wide range of milkweed and native nectar producing plants perfect for home butterfly gardens.
For other landscaping projects we offer a wide selection of Daylilies. Each year we select and divide an assortment of daylilies from the 324 registered varieties we currently propagate. These fans/divisions are sold “bareroot” ready for Spring or Fall planting.

Recently we’ve started propagating a wide range of succulents. Each year we will be able to offer more selections of these interesting and easy to care for plants. Other common plants we offer include ferns, citronella geraniums, and many annuals including Pansy and Petunia handing baskets, and much more!

You can follow our farming/nursery activities on Facebook and Instagram at @bluebirdhillfarmKY.