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Backwoods Jack Smoked Meats
Contact: John Catron
Address: 9820 Holiday Dr Louisville, KY, 40272
Phone: 502-380-7134
About Us
Backwoods Jack Smoked Meats is a name that my wife gave me for my meat smoking business. I was raised on a large farm in Southwest Virginia. We had a dairy and a cow calf operation and raised numerous hogs for processing operations. We started processing hogs the Monday before Thanksgiving until Christmas. After Christmas we started processing beef. That's where I got my love for smoking and processing meat. As time went on, my father passed away. Then I pursued a new career in the construction industry and became a superintendent for a national company building hospitals. I met a lot of people that like to smoke barbeque. Therefore I acquired a lot of great recipes and saved and saved. Now I am going to put this to good use. I've got a certified kitchen by the State of Kentucky where I process all my products and smoke meats. I started this as a hobby but it's really grown in the last year and a half. It's not really a job but it's become an enjoyable job. I sell at Farmer's Markets in the Louisville area. So I thought I would reach out to the Franklin County Farmer's Market to share my products with other neighborhoods.