Manuscript Coffee Roastery
Contact: Celeste N. Jenkins
Address: 787 Spring Meadows Dr Lexington, KY, 40504
Email Address:
Phone: 859-213-7959
About Us
Manuscript Coffee Roastery is a coffee roastery based in Lexington KY that focuses on small batch, ethically sourced coffee. We love coffee, books, and more than either of those, people; we have a focus on using this roastery to benefit our community and beyond.
If we could grow coffee in Lexington, we would, but since we cannot, we focus on the next best thing: acquiring coffee beans from honest sources that pay a more than fair price to the plantations and laborers so they can be successful and sustainable. We roast all our coffee in small batches and as close to the day of sale as possible to ensure high quality roasts and fresh coffee for you to enjoy.