Cedar Ring Greens
Contact: Connie Lemley and Andy McDonald
Address: 7134 Owenton Rd Frankfort, KY, 40601
Email Address:
Phone: 502-223-7936
About Us
Cedar Ring Greens is a small, certified organic farm located 5 miles north of downtown Frankfort. We grow greens year-round and offer organic greens, herbs, peppers, cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and more through the growing season. This is our 17th season selling produce at the Franklin County Farmers Market in downtown Frankfort, and we are excited to be part of building our community’s local food economy. Our commitment to producing food sustainably includes improving the health of our land, encouraging biodiversity, working for food justice, and powering our home and farm with the sun.

The "we" of Cedar Ring Greens includes an Australian shepherd, a cat, cedar and locust trees, wild plums, earthworms, red clover, chickweed, bumble bees, cucumber beetles, an amazing diversity of soil microbes, the great blue herons that fly over each evening, and the people who live and work here. Connie Lemley and Andy McDonald live here and work the farm. Connie is also a member of the farmers market and Friends of the Market boards and is part-time Farm to School coordinator for Frankfort Independent Schools. Andy also works full-time as a sustainable energy advocate. We are joined part-time by Mehera Baugher and Karen Lanier.