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Roaming Studio/ Red Couch Productions
Address: 316 Wapping Street, 303 Frankfort , KY, 40601
Phone: 931-808-2431
About Us
Red Couch Productions in Partnership with Roaming Studio:

Red Couch Productions is an art collective with an emphasis on original and hand pulled print-based works and creative endeavors.

We support artists employing traditional printmaking techniques regardless of subject, process, or medium.

Our feature artists Brian Jones and Toby Penney are relief printmakers working and sharing their art from Frankfort, Kentucky.
Roaming Studio:
We are a teaching studio based in Frankfort, Kentucky. While we happily offer many programs in our studio, on the third floor of the former Good Shepherd School, we often roam into the community and beyond, to work with artists of all skill levels.
Since its inception Roaming Studio has focused on making art processes available to all. We believe that humans are creative beings and have a natural ability to flourish in creative pursuits, given the opportunity and encouragement. Our classes are accessible and designed to promote confidence in all artful endeavors.