taproot nursery
Contact: Laura Greenfield
Address: 648 Steele Branch Rd Frankfort, KY, 40601
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Phone: 859-361-8474
About Us
Organically-grown medicinal plants to build your own apothecary garden. Plants are sold in containers with fully established, happy, and healthy root systems. Individually or in a group, plant these medicinals and harvest your own medicine to make tea, tinctures, and more. But being a medicinal plant nursery isn’t just about growing certain plants. That’s why we partner with well-trained and experienced Kentucky herbalists to accurately and reliably communicate about the plants. To really understand and unlock the potential of plant medicine for yourself, you need to consult an herbalist so you have full knowledge of the chemical compounds in the plants, how they may interact with you and your current medication, and to get accurate preparation and dosage guidance. We’re lucky here in Kentucky to have many deeply knowledged herbalists and embark on an exciting collaboration with them.

taproot nursery is part of a diverse farmstead in northern Franklin County that also includes goats, poultry, mushrooms, native fruits, and a small herd of Belted Galloway cows.
organic practices including OMRI-certified soil and fertilizer, organic or non-GMO seed; no chemicals