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Georgia's Sweet Potato Pie Company
Contact: Deyago and Dawn Urrutia
Address: 1559 Bardstown Road Louisville, KY, 40208
Phone: 502-742-2852
About Us
Georgia’s Sweet Potato Pie Company was started with the desire to help children. Dawn and Deyago Urrutia sold their first pie in 2016 to be able to help local small community nonprofits meet the needs of children in their community. On September 21, 2019, Dawn and Deyago started their Pies with Purpose Initiatives to have a greater impact in the community. The Urrutia’s understand that literacy-rich homes help develop individuals that can combat poverty, have improved health, and encouraged social and civic engagement. This investment in children, by helping them build diverse home libraries, will foster the love of reading, help ensure school readiness, build a strong family bond, and increase children’s self-confidence.
Georgia’s mission is to spread love by giving away free books to children that promote love, diversity, acceptance, self-awareness, entrepreneurship. The sale of Georgia’s Sweet Potato Pie Company’s collections of sweet potato infused sweet treats and sweet potato infused home scents enable Georgia’s to fulfill this mission.
Dawn, Deyago, and Georgia’s team believes that books can help shape how we view the world. Books can introduce us to people, places, and cultures that our zip codes might not expose us to. Georgia’s Sweet Potato Pie Company is planting seeds of empathy, compassion, and love one book and pie at a time at a time.